What we do

We get you closer to your assets.

Our IoT hardware remotely pulls on-board data, GPS locates & triggers alerts for your physical assets.

We protect your people & infrastructure, help you plan & meet demand, gather real-time data to enhance your decision-making & support your risk management.

Add the value of Artificial Intelligence to take your business to the next level.



How it works

If you have physical assets that move or gather on-board diagnostic data, we can help.

Our IoT devices, smart phone app, software platform & API; enables asset managers to plan & meet demand. Our technology monitors on-board diagnostic data, asset location, angle, movement patterns, behaviour & motion.

You can even custom build your alerts to be instantly notified of any unusual activity.


How we can work with you

Would being able to track and monitor your physical assets improve your decision-making?

Are your machines gathering diagnostic data you don’t remotely monitor or use effectively?

Interested in how Artificial Intelligence + asset movement + diagnostic data can add value to your company?

We work with companies across the globe. 


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